Arrowhead Research Corp. (ARWR) soars on news of positive data from weight loss drug

Posted on: November 10th, 2011
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Nanomedicine company, Arrowhead Research Corp. (Nasdaq: ARWR) announced on Thursday that data from its subsidiary’s obesity drug demonstrated weight loss, reduction in body mass index and abdominal circumference in obese rhesus monkeys.

The data, which was published in Science Translational Medicine (Sci Trans Med 3, 108ra112 (2011) DOI: 10.1126/scitraslmed-3002621), demonstrates that monkeys treated with Adipotide lost an average of 11 percent of their body weight after only four weeks of treatment.

Adipotide-treated animals also showed marked improvements in insulin resistance, suggesting the potential for use in treating type-2 diabetes.

Shares of the Pasadena-based Arrowhead Research Corp. touched a new 52-week high of $1.19 on Thursday, up 120 percent from Wednesday’s c losing price of $0.54.

“Safely and effectively treating the obesity epidemic is one of the great unmet needs in medicine today,” said Dr. Christopher Anzalone, President and Chief Executive Officer of Arrowhead in a November 10 press release. “This study is a radical step forward for both Ablaris’ technology and the treatment of obesity.It is uncommon for an obesity treatment to be successfully translated from rodent studies to non-human primates. Ablaris’ approach is distinguished from others in the field by its unique mode of action. By acting directly on the vasculature that supports fat tissue rather than on the brain, we believe that we can avoid many of the safety issues that have blocked other anti-obesity drug candidates. We are extremely encouraged by the results achieved to date with Adipotide and believe that Ablaris’ unique technology offers a significant advantage to combating obesity as we prepare to enter the clinic in the near-term.”

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Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. (PESI) reports record Q3 revenue

Posted on: November 3rd, 2011
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Waste management and engineering services company Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: PESI) reported record third quarter revenue thanks in large part to increased treatment of higher activity and more complex waste streams.

The Atlanta-based company reported third quarter revenue of $32.8 million, a 43 percent increase over revenue of $22.9 million in the same period last year. Revenue for the Nuclear Segment increased 44.0% to $32.1 million from $22.3 million for the same period in 2010. Revenue generated from the DOE Hanford Site increased approximately $787,000 for the quarter while $9.0 million was derived from an increase in waste processed at our treatment facilities. Revenue from the Engineering Segment increased to $701,000 from $581,000 for the same period in 2010.

Net income for the third quarter of 2011 increased to $6.0 million, or $0.11 per share, versus a net loss of $1.1 million or $0.02 per share, for the same period in 2010. Net income for the third quarter of 2011 included a gain on the sale of PFFL of approximately $1.8 million, partially offset by a loss from discontinued operations of $187,000.

“The second half of 2011 is proving to be one of the strongest periods in our history and we believe this demonstrates that our strategy is working,” said Perma-Fix Environmental Services’ chairman and CEO,  Dr. Louis F. Centofanti in a November 3 press release.

“We also improved our balance sheet during the quarter. As a result of our strong cash flow, coupled with the recent sale of Fort Lauderdale facility, we had over $10.7 million of cash and just $5.7 million of total debt at the end of the third quarter.”

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