Garb Oil and Power Corp. (GARB) skyrockets on joint-venture pact

Posted on: July 27th, 2011
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Garb Oil and Power Corp. (Pink Sheets: GARB) shares climbed 13.7% Wednesday to 58-100ths of a cent on word of a new joint venture involving construction of new plants. Volume for the stock proved to be 5.8 million shares, still short of its daily average of around 7.2 million.

The company, based in Salt Lake City, issued a news release July 27 announcing that it had formed a joint venture with Alabama-based ACG Consulting LLC (the “JV”) to build seven E-Waste recycling facilities within the next three years. It is planned that the first E-Waste recycling facility will break ground in South Florida in March 2012. Garb plans to break ground with a new E-Waste recycling facility every four months thereafter, at various sites in the U.S. as licenses, permits, and USCIS approvals are obtained.

The JV will be owned 51% by Garb and 49% by ACG Consulting LLC. Three E-Waste recycling facilities are planned for operation during the 2013 calendar year with four additional recycling facilities to come on line during the 2014 calendar year. It is expected that by end of 2015, the combined E-Waste recycling facilities will contribute an estimated $85,000,000 in revenues to the JV.

Garb Oil Power Corporation is dedicated to the application of ClosedCycle(TM) principle and NoWaste(TM) residue. Its plants for Rubber Recycling, E-Waste and E-Scrap Recycling, Waste to Energy and OTR processing plants are all developed with these principles in mind.

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Greenshift Corp. (GERS) shoots higher on new patent news

Posted on: July 25th, 2011
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Greenshift Corp. (OTCBB: GERS) doubled in price to two-100ths of a cent late Monday, on word the company had been awarded a new corn oil extraction patent. Volume for the stock topped 170 million shares.

The waste management company announced through a release dated July 25 that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has issued a notice of allowance for patent application number 11/241,231, titled “Method of Processing Ethanol Byproducts and Related Subsystems” (the “’231 Patent Application”).

To further strengthen its legal position, GreenShift requested that the USPTO withdraw an earlier notice of allowance for the ‘231 Patent Application in order to allow the USPTO to further examine the ‘231 Patent Application in light of all of the alleged prior art materials and invalidity arguments submitted by all of the defendants in GreenShift’s current patent infringement litigation, including those materials and arguments submitted in the litigation by ICM, Flottwegg, Westfalia, Cardinal Ethanol and Big River Resources.
Greenshift management was not available for comment.

GreenShift Corporation, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, develops and commercializes clean technologies that facilitate the more efficient use of natural resources.

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EcoSystem Corporation (ESYM) announces new technology

Posted on: March 18th, 2009
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EcoSystem Corp (OTCBB: ESYM) shares jumped six percent over Tuesday’s closing price after the company announced new technology to be implemented in converting food scrap waste into natural oils for biodiesel feedstock and various specialty chemical applications.

The company introduced MAGFUEL biofuel feedstock model, which employs the use of the Black Soldier Fly to convert food scrap waste. EcoSystem predicts its conversion technology could yield up to 190,000 gallons of crude natural oils per acre of bioreactor surface annually, which far surpasses the 40 gallons of oil per acre annually yielded by soybeans.

At the core of EcoSystem’s bioreactor technology is the use of the Black Soldier Fly, a insect commonly used compost and manure management. The company estimates estimates that 25% of the volume of retail, restaurant, and industrial generated food waste could be converted into Black Soldier Fly larvae. Based upon U.S. 2010 Census data, up to 100 million gallons per year of MAGFUEL(TM) natural oils could be produced and sold to U.S. biodiesel producers using EcoSystem technology.

Glen Courtright, President and CEO of EcoSystem commented “Competitively-priced feedstock has always been a challenge for the biodiesel industry. We are excited to develop this competitively priced, high quality feedstock to the biodiesel industry by diverting food scrap waste from landfills. We are in discussions now with a number of very interested early-adopter partners for co-location of our bioreactor technology.”

EcoSystem plans to market the MAGFUEL into the existing biodiesel industry as a blending agent for lower grade biodiesel feedstocks. The company’s revenue model will be comprised of tipping fees associated with the transfer and processing of scrape waste materials, as well as MAGFUEL and other product sales.

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