Single Touch Systems Inc. (SITO) jumps on patent news

Posted on: September 12th, 2011
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Single Touch Systems Inc. (OTCBB: SITO) saw its shares zoom higher by 11.6% to 48 cents Monday, on favorable patent tidings. Volume for the stock topped 147,000.

A news release dated Sept. 12 stated that company was issued U.S. Patent 8,015,307 for “System and Method for Streaming Media,” on September 6, another patent in the field of streaming media that further strengthens an already robust streaming media patent portfolio.

Recently, Single Touch sent “Letters of Notification” to Hulu who is jointly owned by Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA), News Corp (NASDAQ: NWSA) and Disney (NYSE: DIS) and to Netflix , Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX), advising that Single Touch is the holder of issued US Streaming Media patents, which include US Patents 7,054,949; 7,191,244 and 7,689,706. The letters also noted the impending issuance of US Patent 8,015,307.

Single Touch Systems has filed and has been awarded more than 15 U.S. patents related to Streaming Media, Advertising and Abbreviated Dialing Codes.

In the release, Single Touch Chairman Anthony Macaluso said, “After years of establishing ourselves as a pioneer in mobility, and cementing our IP position, it has become increasingly important for us to take the steps necessary to protect what we have already established with the assistance of law firms such as Polsinelli Shughart and McKool Smith.”

Single Touch Systems Inc. is an innovative mobile solutions provider serving retailers, advertisers and brands.

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Dais Analytic Corporation (DLYT) springs on product news

Posted on: September 8th, 2011
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Dais Analytic Corporation (OTCBB: DLYT) shares climbed 22.4% nearing noon ET on Thursday to 46.5 cents, on recent expansion of its product line. Volume for the stock neared 130,000 shares, trumping its all-day average of just less than 29,000.

A news release dated Sept. 6 told investors that the Tampa-based company has expanded its line of ConsERV Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) designed to lower energy consumption of buildings’ HVAC systems with the addition of the G-Series. Importantly, the G-Series is intended to broaden the addressable market for Dais’ ConsERV energy recovery ventilator product.

The release went on to highlight some of the advantage of the G-Series systems:

The release then went on to quote Dais vice-president of sales and marketing, David Longacre, as saying, “We are proud to introduce the G-Series, and believe this addition to our product line gives Dais’ growing independent representative network yet another tool to better serve the wider range of customer energy recovery applications.

Longacre concluded, “We feel the G-Series’ modular footprint addresses the need to be flexible to a broader range of applications in the growing North America ERV market as well as targeted international markets. As ConsERV continues gaining market share we need to demonstrate to our clients and their customers Dais is responding to changing market needs with newer flexible designs: The G-Series is proof Dais can and will respond.”

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Cytomedix Inc. (CMXI) bolts higher on latest news

Posted on: September 1st, 2011
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Cytomedix Inc. (OTCBB: CMXI) shares jumped 8.6% to 38 cents Thursday, on exciting news surrounding its Angel® Whole Blood Separation System. Volume for the stock approached its full-day average of around 65,900 shares by noon ET.

The company, located in Gaithersburg, Md., issued a news release Thursday, in which it announced today the recent submission of a 510(k) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for use of the Angel® Whole Blood Separation System for processing a bone marrow aspirate. The expanded indication includes processing a mixture of blood and bone marrow, a rich source of stem cells.

In vitro performance testing supporting the 510(k) compared Cytomedix’s Angel System to the predicate device for preparing platelet rich plasma (“PRP”) from blood and bone marrow.

The test results yielded statistically significant data showing the Angel System: increased the concentrations of hematopoietic progenitor/stem cells; reduced the presence of pro-inflammatory cells that can be detrimental for treating certain medical indications; and provided better separation of PRP and red blood cells compared with the predicate device.

The release quoted Cytomedix CEO Martin Rosendale as saying, “We are pleased to have filed this 510(k) for a bone marrow concentrate indication as it expands the versatility and competitive positioning of the Angel System for both new and existing customers. Importantly, this indication serves a number of large markets that we believe the Angel System is well-poised to penetrate.”

Cytomedix develops, sells and licenses regenerative biological therapies primarily for wound care, inflammation and angiogenesis.

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B Green Innovations Inc. (BGNN) wins patent, shares hike

Posted on: August 25th, 2011
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B Green Innovations Inc. (OTCBB: BGNN) shares traveled 57.1% higher Thursday morning to 11-100ths of a cent on word Wednesday of the awarding of a new patent. Volume for the stock totaled 300,000 shares.

A release dated August 24 showed that the company out of Matawan, New Jersey received notification of a patent allowance award for Embedded Recycled Container Sheet. B Green plans to license the technology or create products from the compressed flat composite recycled bottle sheets so as to retain the visible display of the of deformed identifiable bottles, such as cutting boards, baskets, kitchen gadgets, trays, bins, cases, book binders and flower pots.

The invention relates generally to a method of producing composite recycled bottle (also referred to as containers herein) sheets from recycled plastic containers embedded in plastics. This is the fourth B Green Innovations, Inc. patent to be issued.

“The grants of these patents are centrally important to B Green, Inc. not only to preserve its technology but also to leverage offensively in the marketplace,” the release quoted CEO Jerome Mahoney as saying.

The B Green Innovations, Inc. “Go Green” mission from its inception is to create a “Green” company for the development of solutions to eliminate waste from the world’s environment.

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International Isotopes Inc. (INIS) climbs on transfer news

Posted on: August 24th, 2011
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International Isotopes Inc. (OTCBB: INIS) shares climbed 16.7% late Wednesday morning to 10.5 cents on news of a property transfer involving one of its proposed plants. Volume for the stock was 27,600 shares.

A press release out August 24 noted that the company, based in Hobbs, New Mexico has completed the process for the receipt of property transferred from the State of New Mexico and Lea County to the Company. The Company now holds title to the property consisting of 640 acres located about 10 miles west of Hobbs, and about 25 miles from the URENCO USA enrichment facility in Eunice, N.M.

The planned INIS de-conversion facility is expected to occupy approximately 40 acres near the center of this property. The Company plans to use the remaining property as a buffer zone for future expansion and for the potential co-location of prospective customer facilities utilizing the fluoride products produced from de-conversion and fluorine extraction.
The property was originally offered to INIS as part of an incentives package prepared by the Economic Development Corporation of Lea County.

In the same release, INIS CEO Steve Laflin said, “We are extremely pleased with the successful completion of this property transfer and look forward to the start of site development and construction activities. The land transfer process was complex and required a lot of hard work and diligence on the part of many individuals at the state and county level.

“INIS wants to express our appreciation to the numerous individuals, organizations, and municipalities that contributed to seeing this transfer process through to completion. This is a significant step forward in our plans to construct the nation’s first ‘green technology’, commercial depleted uranium de-conversion facility in Lea County.”

International Isotopes Inc. manufactures a full range of nuclear medicine calibration and reference standards, high purity fluoride gases, and a variety of cobalt-60 products such as teletherapy sources.

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Document Capture Technologies Inc (DCMT) captures new agreement, stock hikes

Posted on: August 17th, 2011
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Document Capture Technologies Inc (OTCBB: DCMT) saw its stock climb 10.6% to 37.6 cents on word of a new distribution pact with Microtek. No volume was reported for the stock on Wednesday morning.

A news release out August 17 effectively means that Microtek has been named the exclusive Asian distributor for DCT’s industry-leading products.

This relationship combines two global leaders in the design, development and production of image capture technologies and opens significant global revenue opportunities through the strong local sales and marketing presence of each partner. Microtek is the market leader in Asia with 1,500 sales locations and 90 service centers in China.

The release also quotes Document Capture CEO David Clark as saying, “this partnership is undoubtedly one of the most important in DCT’s history.

“Microtek is the industry leader in Asia both in sales and technology. With this bilateral arrangement, DCT gains an unparalleled foothold in the fastest growing economy in the world. We at DCT look forward to this partnership both for the Company and our shareholders.”

Based in Santa Clara, California, Document Capture Technologies is a worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of USB powered mobile page-fed document capture platforms.

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