Phototron Holdings Inc. (PHOT) jumps on new grow system

Posted on: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
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Phototron Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT) zoomed in price 69.4% to 83 cents Tuesday, on the launch of a new hydroponic grow system for medical marijuana. Shares totaled 4,950, slightly higher than the daily average of 3,669.

The company, based in Woodland Hills, California, is the designer, manufacturer and seller of the PHOTOTRON Hydroponic Indoor Grow System, announced the launch of its newly designed Pro LED Phototron Grow System.

Phototron Board Chairman Craig Ellins was quoted in a June 28 press release as saying, “Our new patent pending Pro LED Phototron offers huge benefits to the home grower. Powered by energy efficient LED light, the unit delivers the equivalent of 1,000 watts of growing power while consuming only 320 watts of electricity. It saves energy, and drastically reduces heat.

“The unit contains both blue and red LED lighting,” Ellins continued. “Blue LED’s provide optimum light for the growing, while red LED’s shift bud formation into high gear. These features are important for the cultivation of medicinal herbs such as medicinal cannabis (medical marijuana) and chamomile.”

Traditional hydroponic growing can be highly complex and very expensive, requiring gardeners to assemble tents, buckets, containers, pumps, water chillers, fans, hoses, and reservoirs. The Phototron Pro LED delivers the high-efficiency growing that users expect from hydroponics without the high costs and complexity.

Phototron Holdings, Inc. designs and manufactures indoor mini-greenhouses capable of growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits and terrestrial plants stronger and faster than traditional farming methods.

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